Re-examination of the national alert system can take months (PHOTO)

Повторные проверки национальной системы оповещения могут занять месяцы (ФОТО)

Maybe next time a new mobile emergency alert system in Canada will be large-scale test only in 2019, because now everybody who was involved in the unsuccessful trials of the last week, trying to figure out what went wrong.

Monday, may 14, in Ontario were issued an urgent warning Amber Alert about the missing boy who was soon found. After that, officials said the alert system is up and running, but the expectations of the public regarding the fact that all compatible devices connected to the wireless network, will receive the corresponding signal did not materialize.

The system, which was fully operational across the country, in accordance with the issued orders, April 6, tested in most parts of Canada last week.

The first test, held in Quebec, was the most unfortunate – the alarm never sounded because of a coding error, which, according to the system operator, fixed only a few hours.

Later in the day on some mobile devices in Ontario came sound alerts, but the majority of subscribers of wireless communication has not received anything like that.

Pelmorex − the company responsible for the Alert system Ready, said that expectations about the outcome of the test was too high. From the results of real tests, you can extract valuable lessons.

“If everyone thought that their phones begin to buzz, Yes, those expectations we could not meet, − said Paul Champ, senior Vice President of regulatory and strategic issues. But from the point of view of the technical aspects of the tests − I think that’s what we needed to do.”

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