Ready new sanctions against Russia

Готовы новые санкции против РФ

In the framework of the draft law on new sanctions against Russia, which had previously become known, the senators also propose to impose restrictions on Russia due to the attack at the end of 2018 Ukrainian ships traveling in the Kerch Strait.

This follows from published on the website of the foreign Affairs Committee of the U.S. Senate statement on the introduction of the package.

Restrictions will be imposed against employees of the FSB, which recognise those involved in the incident in the Kerch Strait. Also senators have proposed to impose sanctions against the Russian shipbuilding sector.

The bill provides two sets of sanctions. First for the “Kremlin’s meddling in democratic institutions abroad.” The second — for “the aggression of the Kremlin against Ukraine.” Restrictions against 24 employees of FSB, “which will be considered involved in the attack in the Kerch Strait”, offered in the second part.

In the second group it is also proposed to impose restrictions against Russian shipbuilding industry, “if Russia violates the freedom of navigation in the Kerch Strait, or any other part of the world”. In addition, the senators seek sanctions against energy projects with Russian participation and restrictions “in connection with the support of the development of” crude oil in Russia.

Proposed by senators punishment for meddling in the election — sanctions against banks, investment in LNG projects outside Russia, cybertecture, sovereign debt. It is also proposed to impose restrictions against “political figures, oligarchs, families and other persons who directly or indirectly support the illegal and corrupt activities in the interests of Vladimir Putin.”