Red, honest, in love: remembering interesting facts about Prince Harry

Prince Harry

Today is your birthday Prince Harry the Duke of Sussex celebrates his 34th birthday. Like all members of the Royal family, the youngest son of Princess Diana and Prince Charles were always in sight. From the very young age of his life in detail and documented by court photographers, and savvy journalists of the British tabloids. Not always the facts that pop up in the press, was flattering to the Prince recall his costume party in the style of the Third Reich. But the birthday of the beloved grandson of Elizabeth II, we decided to recall the less known but more attractive facts of his life.

1.When at the age of three years Harry went to prep school (now a similar institution visited by his niece, Princess Charlotte), the relationship with other children he went wrong. Apparently, at this age, Harry was still a modest one and, reportedly, a representative of the Royal family was bullied even more rowdy peers.

Princess Diana, Harry and William

2. The Prince’s good nature was evident from an early age. In his childhood he was lop-eared rabbit who was kept in the stables in Haygroup. Harry also liked caring for the sheep.

3. Harry came up to establish a “Game unsubdued” (Invictus Games). In this multidisciplinary sports event, being held for the military men and women who were injured or maimed. The Prince himself served in the British army, where he earned the rank of captain in the air corps.

4. In 1997, at the age of 13 years, along with his father Harry visited South Africa where he met Nelson Mandela and visited the concert of the Spice Girls and even took photos with the star girl group — the young Prince, surely, was the envy of thousands of peers around the world, because the British pop sensation, was then at the peak of popularity.

5. However, fans of the missing and the Royal family — portraits of the monarchs appear on Souvenirs, not less frequently than other major sights of the UK, like big Ben. The surge in the production of such products with Harry was, of course, at the time of his marriage to Megan Markle, which was held on 19 may 2018. Among the usual figurines and tea sets, met and quite original copies, like wooden spoons, bathing suits and even condoms!

By the way, the wedding Souvenirs Harry had to appear twice: no, no secret thwarted wedding was not just a Chinese manufacturer tried to “marry” Harry on Kate Middleton. By mistake on mugs dedicated to the wedding of the future Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, instead of a portrait of Prince William posted an image of Harry.

6. In the army he was known as “Captain Wales.” As the British monarchs do not use formal names (technically all descendants of Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II have the surname Mountbatten-Windsor), Harry used the name of the region, after which his father received his title. By the way, the military was, apparently, interested in the Prince when he was a child. In 1989, together with his parents and brother, he visited the barracks at Windsor, and posed on a tank.

Prince Harry (second from right)

7. Prince Harry is a specialist in the FIFA computer game. In one of the interviews that he gave during his service in Afghanistan, the current Duke of Sussex said: “You can ask the guys, I smash them every time!”

8. In the service in Afghanistan, Harry was twice: first he spent 77 days in Helmand in 2007-2008, and then returned to the country for another 20 weeks in 2012-2013 with the air corps.

9. In the program of pre-University training (A-Level) Prince intensively studied geography and art history. The final grade in the first article was B, and the second — D. the Obtained results was enough for admission to the Royal military Academy Sandhurst.

Prince Harry on the entrance examination to the Royal military Academy

10. At the age of 18 years, he has a year left England, first in Australia and then in the small African nation of Lesotho. In Australia as earlier his father, he was a volunteer on a cattle ranch and participated in a match of “Young England vs young Australia”.

Prince Harry in Lesotho

11. He made a documentary “the Forgotten Kingdom” during your stay in Lesotho, where he also visited an orphanage of Mandasa located November in mohale’s Hoek.

12. The Prince has its own coat of arms, which he received in 18 years. After marrying Meghan Markle, his wife appeared new, shared coat of arms.

13. In the NBC interview, Harry stated that he will never stop thinking about how his mother died, Princess Diana, and what happened that day in the tunnel.

Prince Harry and Princess Diana

14. Despite the fact that Harry grew up in the Palace, surrounded by many assistants, he was well able to cope with daily challenges on their own. During the official visit to Chile in 2014, the Prince visited the Valparaiso family living in the slums. Noticing some of the residents of the damaged cable from the TV, Harry was able to fix it.

15. On the tenth anniversary of the death of Princess Diana, Harry said touching speech, stressing that “it is very important that now she is remembered for who he was: funny, generous, aviacionnoe and very sincere.”

Prince Harry with Princess Diana

16. The U.S. went out a show called “I wanna marry Harry”. Participating women were convinced that the battle for the sympathies of the Prince, but it was about the actor Matthew Hicks, DoppelgangeR of monarch.

Matthew Hicks

17. He supports a football team “Arsenal” (London).

18. Harry participated in the expedition to the South pole, and became the first member of the Royal family who visited in Antarctica.

19. Becoming a first time uncle (now the Prince has three nephews — the children of his eldest brother William and Kate Middleton), Harry came up with a nickname Funcle, crossed two of the word fun (hilarious) and uncle (uncle). Judging by the photos from a trip to Ireland, which he made together with Meghan Markle, with children Harry is able to find a common language.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry in Ireland

20. When Harry was ring bearer at the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, he hid them in the cuff of his shirt as his uniform does not have pockets.

21. Harry — winner of three medals: “Operational service” for Afghanistan (medal, which the Ministry of defence of the United Kingdom gives the staff of the British armed forces after the war of 2001), the Medal of the Golden jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II and medal Diamond jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II.

And what do you like Prince Harry?

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