Reddit has planned the biggest ban in history

Reddit запланировал самый масштабный бан в истории

People want a repeat of the plot of “the Avengers”.

It is expected that under lock at one point will get about 150 thousand users. The plan of the campaign is to repeat the plot of the movie “Avengers: infinity War”, which was released in April 2018.

In the “infinity War” was described the plan of Thanos, the main villain of the picture, destroy half the Galaxy to avoid overpopulation and, as a consequence, a lack of resources. Despite the fact that Thanos is the villain, his idea appealed to many viewers. Shortly after the release of the film on Reddit has a subreddit called Tanos Did Nothing Wrong (“malloc didn’t do anything wrong”). Now it has about 300 thousand people.

Initially, subscribers subreddit shared their reflections on the plan for Thanos and publish jokes and memes on the topic. However, at some point you have users with the idea to implement the idea of titanium in life — in terms of the subreddit and ban half subscribers.

First, the proposal seemed frivolous, and one of the moderators of the subreddit wrote that he would try to arrange a mass ban only if its publication will pick up 60 thousand votes. This time when it is already more than 150 thousand upvotes. To organize a massive lock, the moderators of the subreddit had to obtain permission from Reddit. At first there it did not take, but soon all agreed.

The lock was scheduled for 9 July. A special script will randomly block 50% of subscribers to the subreddit (those who left at least one comment). The ban will affect only the Tanos Did Nothing Wrong, other sections of the site will still be available for all.

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