Redoux got the better of outdoor rinks in Quebec City

The mildness of the end of February was right in the non-refrigerated outdoor rinks. Families who wanted to take advantage of spring break to skate or play outdoor hockey will have to wait … until next season.

Of the hundreds of outdoor rinks in Quebec City, only four are still open. These include the Ga?tan-Boucher ice rinks in Sainte-Foy, the Plains of Abraham, Jean-B?liveau near the Videotron Center and the Place D’Youville. The first two will close on Sunday, March 11, the third on Monday, March 12 and the last on March 18.

“Unfortunately, the ice is melting,” says David O’Brien of the City of Quebec’s communications department, referring to some 96 ice rinks. For some, they have been closed for more than a week because they were already impassable.

“We were hoping to get them back for spring break, but Mother Nature did not collaborate,” he continues. Even if the night is a little colder, it is necessary that the temperature also lowers the day to redo the ice.

Still, the season had started well. The intense cold during the holiday season continued in January. These two months have allowed fans to engrave their blade brand without any problem.

But on February 20, an intense rain fell on Quebec. And everything has rocked. Since then, mercury has rarely been below freezing, making ice-salvage impossible. The closure of the non-refrigerated rinks was already planned at the end of the spring break.

For more details on the opening hours of the four ice rinks that are still open, visit the Qu?bec City website.

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