Regina todorenko made an unexpected confession

Регина Тодоренко сделала неожиданное признание

The star spoke about his haters.

Popular TV presenter Regina todorenko suddenly issued a message in which he told about his haters.

Recently, the network was excited about the news: Regina todorenko pregnant with first child. Then the star sharply denied all “rumors”, noting that her “brainchild” – it shows “Friday”.

Now, when the pregnancy presenter can not hide, she actively shares with subscribers to bright images with a rounded belly. This behavior Regina provoked a storm of criticism online.

Now on the page of Regina Todorenko, it was reported, in which the star spoke about his haters.

“Today, I want to say stop all the enemies who surround me. I believe that friends, team, partners are a reflection of me and when someone complains: “Everything is stupid, because my life is a failure”. We should start with ourselves; we need to understand what you’re doing wrong, why you are surrounded by such people” – the beginning of his treatment of Regina.

The presenter added that it is not perfect, therefore in case of any difficult situation, always trying to perform where she did the wrong thing, or something said. Probably, Regina todorenko decided to comment on the barrage of criticism, which struck the other day on her page.

I’m not perfect, I am a lot of differences. When I am in a difficult situation, just trying to analyze where he did wrong exactly me and not someone else. But if I’m sure you’re right – watch out,– said Regina.

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