Released after 30 years in prison for murder and rape, he tries to kill a young woman of 23 years

Libéré après 30 ans de prison pour meurtre et viol, il tente de tuer une jeune femme de 23 ans

The facts occurred in the night from Friday to Saturday in Mulhouse, in the Haut-Rhin.

A man, 54 years old, has made up a prostitute in his car and then he tried to kill in the stabbing.

But the victim, 23-year-old, has managed to take the knife from her attacker and stab him in the collarbone, before taking flight

A few moments later, the prostitute has been collected in a state of shock by a patrol of the TRAY. She was seriously wounded in the hands.

As the aggressor, he was found seriously injured near his vehicle. He was transported to the hospital.

This man, aged 54, was released from prison three months ago where he served 30 years in prison for murder and rape.

He was indicted Monday for attempted murder.