Released the first teaser for the historical action “Zakhar Berkut” (video)

Вышел первый тизер исторического экшена «Захар Беркут» (видео)

The creators of historical action “Zakhar Berkut”, filmed on the novel by Ivan Franko, presented in Ukraine the first teaser of the tape, directed by Akhtem Seitablaev. The main character Zahar Berkut played the famous Hollywood actor Robert Patrick, known to the Ukrainian audience on the role of a robot T-1000 in “Terminator 2: judgment day”.

Вышел первый тизер исторического экшена «Захар Беркут» (видео)

“History of Zakhar Berkut, of each of us. It makes you think about what we will do when our way of life will be threatened. Whether we flee or we fight and defend what you believe in? Closest in the image of the male for me was it was his will to fight for their freedom. He didn’t want foreign domination, neither over himself nor over his people. Instead, he wanted people to decide for themselves who and how they should rule, and he was ready to fight for their freedom” — told about his attitude to the hero Robert Patrick.

Вышел первый тизер исторического экшена «Захар Беркут» (видео)

The film shows the history of 1241, when the Mongol Horde led by Khan Burundai heading West, destroying everything in its path. When he reached the high Carpathian mountains, the army stops at the foot. However, in a few local hunters — brothers the Eagles secretly sneaking into the camp and free the prisoners. Furious Khan decides to go straight, to take revenge and destroy the Carpathian settlements. For this, he finds a traitor among the locals, who reveals to him the secret passage in the mountains. However, the small community of mountain hunters under the leadership of Zakhar Berkut is your plan to permanently stop the numerous enemy.

Shooting picture were held this summer near synevyrs’ka Polyana in Transcarpathia and near Kiev, where was built the main sets. In particular, natural site FILM.UA team art Director Vlad Odudenko built large-scale scenery of the mountain gorge, in which the main events unfold in the film.

On the film “Zakhar Berkut” has a professional international team. Together with Director Akhtem by Seitablaev as a co-Director worked on the film John winn. The producers of the movie from the American side was made by Jeff rice, jury Karnowski and Raja Collins.

Spectacular big picture “Zakhar Berkut” promise to present October 10, 2019.

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