Renault will be deprived of the “Golden parachute” ex-CEO Carlos Ghosn

Renault лишит "золотого парашюта" экс-гендиректора Карлоса Гона

The Board of Directors of Renault is going to repeal 30 million severance package to its former President Carlos Ghosn, reports Reuters, citing a source.

This decision was discussed by the Board of Directors in their meeting on 13 February, where they also discussed the annual accounts of the company.

The company’s management Board may also waive the non-compete provisions for Rutting value of up to €5 million.

Former CEO of Renault, Carlos Ghosn, was arrested in Japan and deprived of his position. He was accused of misappropriating almost €8 million Previously, the Prosecutor proved that the gon pay for the wedding due to the illegally obtained funds. Gon says that he was not aware of the origin of money. He’s going to repair the damage.