Representatives Xiaomi fell short of “disastrous” Redmi 6

Представители Xiaomi оправдали "провальный" Redmi 6

Recently, the company Xiaomi has officially announced Redmi 6, which many users had high hopes.

However, the novelty almost immediately called a failure, because the smartphone has a processor from MediaTek. And here representatives of the company decided to comment on the use of this chipset in its phone.

According to representatives of Xiaomi, the use of the MediaTek processor in the Redmi phone 6 does not make mobile device bad. The manufacturer claims that the chip manufacturer has signed an agreement under which he would release the drivers and other necessary software at least for two years. This means that the Xiaomi Redmi failure 6 to obtain the latest software operating systems Android at least the next three years.

In addition, according to Xiaomi, the use of the MediaTek chip Helio P22, which consists of 8 cores, the company has for several months been tested. In all that time there were no problems with heating or performance. Even at maximum load the chip performance Snapdragon 845, which is installed in the model Redmi 5.

Thus the manufacturer justified the use of the MediaTek processor in the phone and asked for the Xiaomi Redmi 6 chance to prove what a good mobile device with a chip under the Taiwanese brand can be high quality and interesting.

It must be noted that the sale of this mobile device have already begun, and it happened June 15. Next Monday, most likely, Xiaomi will report on sales for the first weekend, as she always does. In terms of sales will be immediately clear whether people are ready to use the smartphone Xiaomi Redmi 6 on the basis of processor MediaTek, or it will fail, like many other phones, are equipped with a computing chip from this manufacturer.

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