Rescue workers accidentally discovered ancient shipwrecks

Спасатели случайно обнаружили древние затонувшие корабли

The search for the missing plane continues Mar 8, 2014

For four years the search continues for the plane “Malaysian airlines” flying from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. To date these searches have not yielded results, however, were found objects, is extremely valuable from a historical point of view, writes the with reference for Today.

The search for the missing plane continues Mar 8, 2014. It was viewed by more than 120,000 square kilometers of the bottom of the Indian ocean, where the machine probably crashed.

However, until now the plane has not been found. The Australian Bureau of transportation safety informed about other finds. Rescuers managed to find the remains of an unidentified merchant ships.

The ships are about 2300 miles off the West coast of Australia. The distance between them is 36 km away. They lie at a depth of 3700 and 3900 meters. Both ships are kept in relatively good condition.

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