Researchers have discovered yet another ability of the brain

Исследователи обнаружили еще одну способность мозга

The discovery was made after the conducted on the volunteers of the experiment.

The hippocampus is a small structure, hidden deep in the temporal parts of the brain play a key role in keeping attention and memory consolidation. Psychologists are actively researching this feature, by defining the individual parts of the experience that the hippocampus makes memories. However, Aya Ben-Yakov (Aya Ben-Yakov) and Richard Henson (Richard Henson) from the University of Cambridge noticed that the original experience is perceived as a continuous sequence of experiences — therefore, the brain must be able to segment it for further manipulation.

Their recent experiments by Ben-Jacob and Henson describe in an article published in the Journal of Neuroscience. The authors monitored the brain activity of volunteers of both sexes, divided into two groups: the first, while in the scanner, viewed short of the 8.5 minute video (“Hands up!” Alfred Hitchcock) and the second feature film (“Forrest Gump” by Robert Zemeckis). A separate group of observers was instructed to view both recordings and “mark” their timing by pressing the button for splitting each happening on the screen events.

By comparing the changes in brain activity with this timing of events, scientists have noticed a high correlation between them, and most strikingly, these oscillations showed the hippocampus, showing pronounced peaks at each change of scene. It is also important that such “installation of the hippocampus” in appearance and may not coincide with the installation of the events in the film. For example, in the opening scene of “Forrest Gump”, the hero a long time in silence sitting on the bench, until it says: “Hello. My name is Forrest. Forrest Gump” — the scene of the hippocampus is divided into two parts.

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