Residents of San Francisco spend on alcohol more than anything in the USA

Жители Сан-Франциско тратят на алкоголь больше всего в США

Residents of San Francisco spend on alcohol more than anything in the USA

Author: Vadym Matus


alcohol money San Francisco

Do you know that most of US spend on alcohol the people of San Francisco?

As found in the study, Delphi Behavioral Health Group, the inhabitants of the City of eternal spring post for strong drinks 1.5% of their annual earnings, while the average American is 0.9%. If the latter costs of alcohol are $484 per month, a resident of San Francisco could afford to spend on alcohol for$1131.

At the 2nd place after San Francisco and Minneapolis, where the people are not spared alcohol 1.1% of annual income, or an average of $852 per month. Closes the three leaders of San Diego: its inhabitants give strong drink to 1.1% of the annual budget — at $850 per month.

These are the statistics for the last 20 years — from 1996 to 2016.

According to experts, this financial picture does not speak much about love mentioned the alcohol as the standard of living in them, which is clearly above the us average. The people of San Francisco buy expensive drinks because the salary allows it to them, says Matthew Insko from the Bureau of labor statistics of the United States (U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics).

In addition, the purchase of alcohol in large quantities is not talking about frequent consumption. And yet, perhaps, no wonder San Francisco is called the birthplace of the Martini, Pisco punch, Anchor beer and even Irish coffee.

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