Resonance the arrest of Russians in the US: new details

Резонансный арест россиянки в США: новые подробности

Mary Butynol was connected with the heir of the Rockefeller clan.The heir to the Rockefeller family of 68-year-old George O’neill Jr. helped arrested in the United States to Russian Maria Butunoi to establish confidential communication of influential Americans with the Kremlin.

According to the Agency, last year, O’neill organized in Washington a meeting of Russian officials with representatives of the United States at the National prayer Breakfast in early February, 2017.

What he has acted as the organizer of this event, Sam O’neill told reporters in 2017. According to him, the meeting “was to engage in constructive dialogue and the fight against Russophobia”.

At the meeting, which took place a few days after the inauguration of US President Donald trump, was attended by two members of Congress from the Republican party and other conservative politicians.

Holding this dinner in early 2017, has attracted the attention of us prosecutors and appears in the charges against Maria Butunoi,

O’neill, Jr. has not responded to the request of the Agency, which Bloomberg sent him to clarify whether he was the organizer of this dinner.

The U.S. Department of justice declined to comment for this reason.

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