Resourceful husband pretended to be dead to not give his wife money

Находчивый муж притворился мертвым, чтобы не давать жене деньги

The woman extorted money from him.

A native of Honduras tried to fake my own death to get away from his wife, who persistently demanded money from him, reports the with reference to

27-year-old Danny Gonzalez (Danny Gonzalez), working in USA, sent to his wife in Honduras, the pictures on which he was lying, pretending to be dead. He pushed the nose cotton wool and covered with a white towel to fiancee to believe that he is in the morgue. Besides, the man was sent along with these pictures the image of the coffin covered with flowers.

The report also stated that Gonzalez died of “cancer and asthma.” The news of the death, moved to the US, went to the local media, and then to the relatives of fraud. His family noticed that the photographs of “dead” giggling, and the environment was not like the morgue: he was just lying on the bed.

Journalists tracked down Gonsalesa, and he admitted that he could no longer stand the demands of his wife. According to him, she called him every week and shouting to send more money. “She asked me to send her a mobile phone. I’ve already sent six pieces, but she said each time that they were stolen,” said the man.

Former neighbors Gonsalesa noted that the news of the death very crippled his parents. “If you don’t want to send money, just say so, why pretend that you’re dead!” says one of the locals.

Many Hondurans rely on financial help from relatives who were able to move to the States. According to the publication, for the first half of 2018 from the U.S. to Honduras had sent about $ 1.5 million.

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