Restaurant customer, who was forced to pay in advance, will receive $10,000 compensation (PHOTO)

Клиент ресторана, которого заставили оплатить заказ заранее, получит $10 000 компенсации  (ФОТО)

Court of human rights of Ontario has ordered that the restaurant, located in downtown Toronto, paid as compensation of $10,000 the dark skinned man – as his friends – were asked to pay for the ordered food in advance.

Emile Wickham, a native of the Caribbean of African descent, may 3, 2014 went to Chinese restaurant with three friends (also black) to celebrate his birthday.

As Wickham said in court, before taking their order, the waiter said that the restaurant operates such a policy, according to which they should first pay for their meals, and only then to get them, which they did.

However, this requirement has puzzled Emil, and he began to ask the other visitors, asked them about something like that. As it turned out – no. Only Wickham and his friends had to pay for your order in advance.

In its ruling, the court noted that the restaurant has not provided any credible explanation for the behaviour of their staff, which makes a similar attitude to Wickham racist.

Chinese restaurant Hong Shing was ordered to pay Wickham to $10 000 as compensation for the violation of his rights and for damages to his dignity, feelings and self-respect.

“This case illustrates that the restaurant did not provide his client a “credit of trust” on the basis of the color of his skin and put him to those who don’t meet his standards, − says the decision of the judge. − In fact, plaintiff found a potential thief waiting, despite the fact that there was no evidence of it.”

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