Revealed an unexpected useful property of tequila

Выявлено неожиданное полезное свойство текилы

Scientists believe that it helps to lose weight.

It’s all in the agave plant, which is present in known alcoholic beverage. Researchers have confirmed the theory on rodents, reports the with reference to Aspects.

Scientists from the American chemical society found a link between regular consumption of strong alcoholic Mexican drink and a fat-burning process in the body. According to researchers, tequila will literally help to lose weight everyone who wants.

Scientists have found that the secret to process of weight loss lies in the grass blue agave, which is present in tequila.

Agave sparzhevidnogo Tsvetkov is a monocotyledonous plant which has unique chemical properties. The researchers conducted a series of experiments in rodents and concluded that doses of tequila has led to the fact that the animals lost body fat.

New diet, which is based on tequila, could be very promising in the future. However, the issue is that it should be designed in such a way that the person must simultaneously lose weight and not become an alcoholic.

As an option scientists are considering the use of agave in sports supplements, or the creation of the plants “pharmacy sports agents”.

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