Rhone: convicted for the theft of one million euros of two dead women

Rhône: condamnés pour le vol d'un million d'euros de deux femmes mortes

Two men, who clean the house of two sisters deceased and without heirs, were sentenced Wednesday, march 13, at the suspension for stealing more than a million euros in cash. The facts date back to April 2013 and had been held in Bron, near Lyon.

Loaded six years ago to clean the house of two sisters dead (for reasons that have not been mentioned), two maintenance workers were left with more than a million euros in cash hidden in boxes of biscuits.

The two deceased had no family to inherit their fortune. A couple of former neighbours had been designated as heir. And what are these two friends who alerted the authorities by falling on a book accounting scrupulously kept by these ladies.

They have indeed noticed that there was a huge difference between the 400,000 euros in cash found by the police, and the famous notebook.

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According to The Progress, which reports the facts, the couple has filed a complaint and an investigation has been opened.

The investigations led not to two suspects but five. Because the two maintenance agents, in which one million euros has finally been found (1.076.405 exactly), got help from three family members (the wife of one of them and the parents-in-law), arrested for possession of stolen goods.

The five individuals were sentenced on Wednesday by the tribunal correctionnel de Lyon to sentences ranging from six to eighteen months.

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