“Ride for victory”: laughing over a photo with Putin in Crimea

"Тачка для победы": в сети хохочут над фото с Путиным в Крыму

In Simferopol found the fan of Putin.The network has fun pictures of my car in the occupied Russian Crimea, on the rear window of which hung a portrait of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The corresponding photo was published on the Twitter page of Occupy Yalta, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to the Apostrophe.

It is noted that the fan of Putin found in Simferopol.

“Life is good. Simferopol, scrapomatic. The quality is not very good, the photo was in motion,” – said in the message.

“Such in Alushta is full. Ridiculous, of course, that people have in the brain, and whether he did? And yet, the inscription on such rattletrap “On Berlin”, but why not to Kolyma?”, “This is a clinical case”, “I Wonder taillights he beat for these pictures or for a long time so he’s driving?”, “Zhiguli such and go”, “where are they taking these cars”, “car is on the rope! All you need to know about the fans in La!)”, “Ride to win”, – commented on the pictures online.

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