Right ptsu need to stand up and not allow the presence of Russian churches

Права ПЦУ нужно отстаивать и не допускать наличие российских церквей

The Russian government ordered the Archbishop of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine in the Crimea to Rome to see the Church in Simferopol. This is the only temple ptsu on the Peninsula. Thus of the parishes of ptsu in the occupied territory of Ukraine will remain zero writes muzhdabaev for the Newspaper.

It is an act of direct aggression, like the Crimea, Donbass and Azov. And there is no need to protest, it is meaningless, it is not necessary to Express concern. The response of the state of Ukraine must be calm, mirror-like, legitimate and at the state level. Prescription Metropolitan Onufriy, Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church in Ukraine, in response, at the same time release all occupied this Church temples, not on the occupied territory of Ukraine, the representative office of the ROC in the relevant jurisdiction of the Ukrainian state was also equal to zero.

That is. The rights of foreign churches for the use of the premises of the temples in Ukraine legally terminated, as it is a foreign state deprives these rights of ptsu. The police seal the door – and let them serve where they want, it’s none of our business. All under the law. Expecting such a move from the Verkhovna Rada. If we put an ultimatum, we have to answer it. The possibilities are there.

Ptsu right to exist we must be able not only to declare, but, if necessary, to defend. To lose us in this case nothing. Right is on our side, measure the response, we are not started, but degrading yourself will not give.