Robbery in Brazil 12 killed

Ограбление по-бразильски: 12 убитых

In Brazil, 7 December as a result of robbery on banks killed 12 people, including a child. The robbery took place in the municipality Milagres.

Earlier, we wrote about the 55-year-old American, who faces 80 years in prison because he was convicted of robbing at least ten banks. In four of those robberies he confessed.

As reported by the mayor of the city of Eielson landin in an interview with radio Band News, six robbers attacked two banks before dawn on Friday, December 7.

In a shootout with police had been killed six bandits. During the RAID killed six hostages, including a child.

According to witnesses, the shooting lasted about 20 minutes.

In the result, two people died and another 12 people were injured.

In addition to the bad news from this country, it was reported that in the Brazilian city of Itajuipe (Bahia) discovered by a man who was born in 1900. If the age of the 118-year-old survivor will be able to confirm that he is officially recognized as the oldest person in the world, as it will be two years older than the 115-year-old Kane Tanaka from Japan — that she holds the record for lifetime.

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