Robert Pritchard resigned as Chairman of Metrolinx (PHOTO)

Роберт Причард ушел с поста председателя Metrolinx (ФОТО)

The Chairman of the Board of Directors Robert Pritchard stated that he left his position quite suddenly.

Metrolinx, a local transportation company. Pritchard held his post since 2010. He said that the recent change in government means that now “the right time” to change the Board of the company.

“The next Chairman will have to lead the Board in partnership with management and to work closely with the government on priorities to continue providing transit infrastructure and services the region needs,” explained Pritchard his thought.

He also noted that for him this “honor” to work in such company. The transport Minister expressed his gratitude to Robert Prichard.

Colleagues speak of Prichard as a man with a tireless desire to make the best transport system in the city. He wished everyone good luck and warmly responded to all requests.

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