Rogue One will soon be entitled to a prequel in the form of…. tv series






Obviously, Disney was very, very keen to outflank the Netflix on his land. Because provide several series, live Star Wars, this is one hell of a low blow to the competition.

It’s funny though, as one thing can lead to another. While Lucasfilm and Disney have said calm down on Star Wars after the lukewarm reception of Solo : A Star Wars Story a few months ago, in part by freezing all the other spin-offs, possibly as a development, it would seem that their desires have been transferred on the streaming service that is currently preparing for the studio, dubbed Disney +, and that will be available next year, much to the dismay of Netflix.


Disney is competing with Netflix on its own turf (illustration)


In addition to various series based on the Avengers and the serial live Star Wars that runs currently Jon Favreau, The Mandalorian, now we learn today, via the Hollywood Reporter, thatanother series is actively in development, and that it is nothing less than the prequel to Rogue One of Gareth Edwards, released in 2016 and that had cardstock at the box office despite generating more than complicated.

If the history remains for the moment a mystery, we should follow Cassian Andor, always interpreted by Diego Luna, in the first days of the Rebellion, and see, by and large, the beginnings of the resistance against the Empire until the time when, as a last resort, they decide to steal the plans of the Black Star. That’s still a lot of stories to tell potentially.


Diego Luna


Diego Luna has quickly expressed his joy to return to this universe :

“Return to the Star Wars universe is something very special for me. I have so many memories of the excellent work that we all have supplied on this film, and the relationships that I made through this journey. We have a fantastic adventure ahead of us and this new format will allow us to explore more of this character.”

A format which, for the moment still unknown but that will probably be the classic hour-long episode. To be confirmed of course. So here, whether we like it or not, Star Wars is going to submerge us of new products as soon as 2020, and we still wonder if this is really useful. Has to get money crazy, of course…


The other members of the team will they come to say hello ?

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