Roman Nasirov disgraced knowledge of history

Роман Насиров опозорился знанием истории

A politician is not able to correctly answer the question.

The former head of the State fiscal service Roman Nasirov was not able to immediately answer the question about the beginning of the Second world war, which he set in the program of the Ukrainian journalist Roman Skrypin. The corresponding video published on the YouTube channel of the presenter.

Yesterday, on September 12, came the first release of the new season of “16+”, the first guest which was Nasirov. During the calls of the audience asked him a question “When did the Second world war?”.

A politician is not able to correctly answer the question, starting to guess, and only after the tip of the lead, he corrected himself. “Well, in 1941, probably… what? Go back to the first question… And the Great Patriotic war. Right, yeah,” said Roman Nasirov.

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