Room rental: the city wins

The City of Sherbrooke won its case in court to compel the owner of a rooming house to provide its rental leases to obtain a rental permit.

In a decision rendered on Thursday, Ga?tan Dumas J. of the Superior Court issued a permanent injunction ordering the owner of a rooming house on Desnoyers Street in the university district to cease renting rooms without a permit.

The judge states that the owner of the place has 30 days to obtain a permit after providing all the documents required by the by-law.

“The defendant was very likely to obtain the necessary permits to rent rooms in his residence. She voluntarily refused to comply with the regulations, including giving information she knew to be false “, explains Judge Dumas in his decision.

It was an inspection in 2011 that found that the landlord rented rooms in her residence without a permit.

Since the owner of the residence does not present leases, the City of Sherbrooke has not issued a permit since 2014.

“Although she does not have a room rental permit, the defendant continues to rent rooms in her residence from where this application for a permanent injunction against the defendant (…) The court does not understand the stubbornness the defendant to refuse to provide the leases in support of its application for a rental permit, “says Judge Dumas

The lawyer of the City of Sherbrooke Me ?ric Martel argues that this case remains an isolated case.

“This judgment, however, confirms the validity of our disputed regulations. This decision of the Superior Court also confirms its significance, “explains Martel.

The latter indicates that renting rooms without a permit does not represent a scourge in Sherbrooke.

“We do not have the information that there is a lot of illegal rental of rooms in Sherbrooke. In this specific case that was in dispute, the owner refused to provide its leases, “said Eric Martel.

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