“Rostok-holding”: the Raiders again attacked our businesses and spread false information

«Росток-Холдинг»: Рейдеры снова атакуют наши предприятия и распространяют неправдивую информацию

Agricultural company “Rostok-holding” claims about the distribution of raiders of distorted and inaccurate information about the operation of the company. According to the press service of the company, the company is considered a continuation of the raider attack on the company.

In early October the leadership of the “Rostok-holding” made a statement about the raider attack on the enterprise group and addressed the President of Ukraine with a request to intervene and stop the raiders. For the third month, the raiders are trying by all means to block the operations of the group companies, including the collection and implementation of the crop. All illegal decisions on the operations of the company were issued to the Kharkiv district court of Kharkiv region, although all enterprises of the group located in the Sumy and Chernihiv regions. November 8 the decision of the Kharkiv court of appeals, the work of the enterprises of the group have been unlocked, the enterprises of the agricultural holding had the opportunity to implement the harvest.

However, as stated by the lawyers group, 10 December 2018, the raiders were spread false information about what “Rostok-holding” allegedly illegally exporting grain from the elevators of the group. In addition, the raiders have distorted information on the transfer of enterprises to the National Agency of Ukraine concerning the identification, investigation and management of assets derived from corruption and other crimes (further — ARMA).

The situation commented the General Director of group “Rostok-holding” Valery Laskov: “Group “Rostok-holding” is under the control and direction of the owners — Victor Kupavtsev and Victor Kijanowska and working normally. Anyone can verify this by visiting any of the enterprises of the holding. Information about ARMA and a ban on sales of grain is distributed by advocates of the customer “faktovoe” of criminal proceedings. This shows that the latter can not accept that the holding enterprises carry out their activities“.

The management and employees of “Rostok-holding” are making every effort to make up for lost time and to fulfill obligations to its partners, since the attack of the raiders forced the company to revise all previous work plans. As of to date, agrarians of the group day and night continue to harvest, which has remained on the sidelines. In accordance with the work schedule the shipping of grain from all three silos of the company.

and also that blocking of work of the company can lead to higher prices for bread products.

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