Rusa LGBT was spent at a Sheridan Square rally to mark the anniversary of the disappearance of Chechen singer Zelima Bakaeva

Rusa LGBT провела на Sheridan Square акцию к годовщине исчезновения чеченского певца Зелима Бакаева

Rusa LGBT was spent at a Sheridan Square rally to mark the anniversary of the disappearance of Chechen singer Zelima Bakaeva

Author: Katerina Moskalets


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August 8 — exactly one year after the disappearance of a Chechen pop singer Zelima Bakayev, who, according to human rights activists, was kidnapped in connection with his homosexual orientation, — Russian-speaking LGBT group in the United States organized a campaign Justice for Zelim Bakaev.

Zelimkhan Bakaev, better known as Salim, disappeared on 8 August 2017, after the wedding of her sister in Grozny. Despite the statement to his mother about the kidnapping, a criminal case under hot pursuit by the police was not filed. Human rights activists were outraged by the inaction of the Russian authorities, and the American organization Human Rights First has called on the US state Department to take measures to protect the guy.

On 24 September, a certain Artem Lebedev posted on YouTube 2 video with Selima. The guy in the video, referring to the friend who is now in Germany, where he loves. But the close Zelima and human rights activists claim that the roller — staged and, most likely, was shot in Chechnya, because next to a young man on the table are Russian products, including seeds of local brand “Oil.”

The case of Zelimkhan Bakaev’s caused such a stir that his discussion was joined by the head of the Chechen Republic. Ramzan Kadyrov suggested that Zelima killed his own family because of sexual orientation. According to the investigation of the Russian “Novaya Gazeta”, the singer died in January 2018, but not at the hands of their loved ones. The majority of the defenders are convinced that he was the victim of a campaign of persecution of homosexuals, launched by the Chechen authorities.

Despite all the efforts of the press and public figures, the case Zelima is still not solved. For this reason, the co-President of Rusa LGBT and founder of Brighton-beach-Pride Alexey Gorshkov decided to again remind the public about the incident and to join the international campaign Justice for Zelim Bakaev, which was organized by a group of natives of Chechnya LGBT World Beside in Brussels (Belgium).

Our friends from Brussels, Belgium held the action today!! The Member of The Council of Europe, Piet de Bryun joined them! Our action is today at 6 pm, Stonewall!!!

Posted by RUSA LGBT – Russian-Speaking American LGBT Association on Wednesday, August 8, 2018

The story of Zelima is one of the living reminders that we’re not releasing and do not forget your vulnerability, we will not rest until, until we get somewhere safe, “—said Alexey.

According to the activist, during a protest in Sheridan Square of new Yorkers interested in the fate of Zelima. On the official page of Rusa LGBT Facebook in the disappearance of the boy was called the beginning of the third wave of purges of LGBT people in Chechnya.

Justice for Zelim Bakaev Event! Thank you for coming!! As I have stated: “Zelim”s story is one of the ALIVE memorabilia…

Posted by Lyosha Gorshkov on Thursday, August 9, 2018

Unfortunately, the wave of international attention to the issue that arose last year, sharply dropped, although the problem is not solved. LGBT people still missing in Chechnya. They are trying to steal in other cities of Russia, where they are hiding. This recently happened, for example, in St. Petersburg, — said Alexei Gorshkov in an interview in — The Russian government still ignores the issue, arguing that gays in Chechnya is not and, therefore, nobody’s rights are not violated. This is alarming, because we are talking about genocide of an entire group!”

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