Russia and the United States hit record in the manufacture and sale of weapons, published a fresh rating

Россия и США бьют рекорды по производству и продаже оружия: опубликован свежий рейтинг

In the ranking of States that are engaged in manufacturing and selling weapons, the United States and Russia occupy the first two places. This is evidenced by the data of the Stockholm Institute study problems of the world.

Recall that in the United States began developing small nuclear warheads in response to the Russian development.

The championship kept in the USA. The share of American companies on the market manufacture of weapons is 57%. Of the hundred largest corporations in the world from the United States represented 42 companies. Their total turnover is 226,6 billion, an increase of 2%.

The total cost of the supply of arms in the world in 2017 amounted to 398,2 billion dollars. This is 2.5% more than in 2016, and 44% higher than in 2002.

The largest arms manufacturer in the world — the American concern Lockheed Martin. The company’s turnover for 2017 amounted to 44 billion dollars. Such performance was achieved primarily due to the state order of the Pentagon. The defense Department can afford large volumes and high order value, including aircraft carriers. Lockheed Martin is now developing very expensive supersonic missile that no one notices means of radar.

Second place in the world is Boeing. Recently, the group has received an order from the President of the United States Donald trump for the manufacture of two presidential aircraft Air Force One, for $ 3.9 bn.

Next year, States expect to spend on weapons record — setting amount of 716 billion dollars. Donald trump is also making efforts in order to dominate the space, planning to build space forces.

Second place among the countries-manufacturers of weapons is Russia. The arms race fueled modernization program, which began Vladimir Putin. The Russian military-industrial complex is 9.5% made in the world of weapons. It grew by 8.5% and amounted to 37.7 billion dollars. The Russian company “Almaz-Antey” was among the ten largest arms producers in the world.

European arms production increased by 3.8% and amounted to 94,8 billion dollars. The largest manufacturers in Europe remain the UK, and France. British Megacenter BAE Systems only entered the top 5 manufacturers. Now the company is engaged in the production of the European fighter Eurofighter Typhoon, which are sold including Saudi Arabia.

In the field of weapons production rate increases, and Turkey. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan intends to make the country less dependent on imports of weapons, making Istanbul, already rose by 24%.

Among the largest companies and three Chinese concern, but they are not included in the list because they publish too few reliable data on their activities.

In the hundreds of manufacturers of the weapon came in and “Ukroboronprom”. The concern is ranked 81, while in 2016, was at 79. Turnover of the Ukrainian producer has made more than one billion dollars, reducing the indicators 40 million, compared with sales of 2016.

. Weapons ready to use in real combat conditions, but his trial is still ongoing. In addition, Gerasimov said that Russia has begun mass production of the missile complex “Avangard” missile, equipped with cruise planning unit.

Note, Gerasimov told about the new strategic arms of the Russian Federation on the following day after NATO accused Moscow of violating the Treaty on the elimination of intermediate-range and shorter-range. US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo said that Washington is after 60 days will be released from this agreement if Moscow does not revert to its implementation.

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