Russia continues to be active in the war in Ukraine – former Vice President

Россия продолжает вести активную войну в Украине - бывший вице-президент

Russia continues to lead an active war in Ukraine, and to destabilise European democracies. To do this, she uses all possible ways.

The world is faced with new relationships, said former Vice-President of the USA Joe Biden at the Munich conference on security, writes “European true”.

Among these he considers the rise of China and decline of Russia and its aggressive behavior.

“China is trying to become a hegemon, but Russia is using all instruments to sow destabilization, the split in the democratic countries of Europe, including Ukraine, where it is, as before, today leads an active war,” he said.

The former Vice President also said that he was proud of the coalition that was formed in Europe in response to aggression in Ukraine. In addition, he expressed strong support for the EU and NATO.

“I strongly support NATO. Think this is the most important Alliance in the history of mankind, thanks to which we managed to preserve security in the last 70 years… Strongly support the EU. It’s the antidote to extreme nationalism, which twice destroyed the continent,” added Biden.