Russia finally arrested the serial killer, the assailant with a knife on the girls (video)

В России наконец задержали маньяка, нападавшего с ножом на девушек (видео)

In Moscow detained the 22-summer Artem Semenov, received in Russia known as “the maniac from Tolyatti” the suspect in committing a series of resonant attacks on women in several regions of the country.

According to his confession, the first crime the guy had committed in Tolyatti. He lay in wait for victims in the evening in a relatively deserted place, attacked from behind, beaten with a knife and ran away. According to his confession, the victims he chose on similarity of appearance with his girlfriend that was jealous rival.

After the city started to panic, Semenov went to Moscow, taking advantage of a passing car and BlaBlaCar.

However on the way one of the drivers identified the culprit and reported on the unusual passenger to the police.

The police believe the detainee is involved in the Commission of seven similar attacks.

We will remind, on November 4 it became known about death of the bloodiest serial killer in the history of modern Ukraine — Sergey Tkach. On his grave in Zhitomir city cemetery there birch count.

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