Russia has violated almost all international agreements, the Minister of defense of Lithuania

Россия нарушила почти все международные соглашения, - министр обороны Литвы

There are few agreements that Russia has not violated, and the situation in which one violates the contract, and the other adheres to it, cannot continue.

This was stated by the Minister of defense of Lithuania Raimundas Karoblis, reports the portal Delfi.

“Apparently, there are very few international agreements that this country is not broke. Therefore, NATO’s position is: the situation when one violates the contract, and the other adheres to it, can not continue”, – said the Minister.

At the same time he noted that Russia still has the opportunity to remedy the situation, to return to “full compliance with the terms of the contract can be proven, but it is a breach of contract is already a threat.”

Karoblis noted that the Ministers of the Alliance agreed unanimously that “in the end, it is necessary to tell the truth, we need once again to raise this question – if Russia does not comply, the contract is terminated”. According to him Russia is given six months to correct violations.

“The situation shows that Russia a few years is broken and needs to be expressed the political will of Russia is given a period of six months, and yet during this time in Russia, you need to create influence to ensure full compliance with the Treaty while preparing for the worst-case scenario of avoidance of the contract”, – said Karoblis.