Russia is moving faster: the British Colonel pointed to the strategic miscalculations of the leadership of the APU

Россия движется быстрее: британский полковник указал на стратегические просчеты руководства ВСУ

Ukraine is not prepared sufficiently quickly to the strategic and operational war, Russia is moving faster and gain strategic advantages. This opinion was expressed by the British retired Colonel, a military expert Glen Grant, reports “espresso.”

“Senior officers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine believe that they are winning, because concentrated on a very limited tactical success of the war. They and the Ministry of defense of Ukraine losing chance, because it is not prepared quickly enough to strategic and operational war, which is likely to unfold in the Donbas, and will not allow to use a ready force. As a result, Ukraine is losing ground in a big game. And while she becomes stronger tactically in a static war, but in General Russia is moving faster and gain strategic advantage”, — he said.

According to experts, commit troops in a defensive position, as required by the Minsk agreement, is incorrect, as it gives the enemy a strategic advantage.

The Colonel is sure that Russia daily uses this fact, because the loss of the strategic advantage was the largest loss of any national or military leadership.

He also stressed that Russia can determine where the troops are weak and go through or around. Military positions of Ukraine in the Donbas are under a critical risk environment, which is a typical strategic maneuver of Russia.

“Russian troops are practicing this tactic regularly during exercise. Trench warfare trench also creates a mentality among the soldiers and staff, which runs counter to all rules of war, if Ukraine really wants to win. In political terms, cannot be an alternative to Minsk, but it needs to be accepted as something than is actually the strategy to commit the Armed forces of Ukraine in one place. Here Russia everything is managed very well,” — said the Colonel in resignation.

At the same time the Colonel said that the Ukrainian army is improving, but it is one of the best in Europe, because it has some critical organizational shortcomings.

He highlighted that the operational capacity is the ability to project power at any place and win the battle. However, Ukraine is now unable to do so.

“Strategic abilities have a clear national goal, which, in turn, creates the means for performing operations where they are needed to achieve this goal,” said Grant.

Besides, according to him, the Ukrainian government does not yet have such thinking, both at the national level and within the Ministry of defense of Ukraine and among military personnel.

As previously reported “FACTS”, Poroshenko gave the order to deploy combat units of the APU to the border with Russia.

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