Russia wants to be friends with America, but ready to send her missiles

Россия хочет дружить с Америкой, но готова направить на нее ракеты

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Moscow is ready to aim missiles at the U.S. in case of a threat.

He said this in the message to the Federal Assembly state Duma, commenting on the collapse of the Treaty on missiles and medium-range, Russian media writes.

According to Putin, Russia will target the weapons not only EU countries, where the United States placed intermediate-range and shorter-range, but the United States itself in the event of a threat.

“If they will actually be produced and delivered to the European continent, and the United States such plans have, in any case, we haven’t heard opposite statements, this will dramatically worsen the situation in the sphere of international security, will create for Russia a serious threat, because certain classes of these missiles flight time to Moscow can be up to 10-12 minutes. This is a very serious threat to us”, – Putin said.

He said that in this case, Russia will take “mirror and asymmetric actions.”

“Russia will be forced to create and deploy weapons that can be used not only in relation to those territories, which for us will come the threat, but also those territories where the centres of decision-making regarding the use of missile systems that threaten us,” – said Putin.

“Let’s count the range and speed of our most promising weapons systems. We ask only this: let the first will count, and only then make decisions which can create additional serious threats to our country, and, of course, will lead to retaliatory action by Russia,” he said.

Putin added that Russia wants friendly relations with the United States.