“Russian eight”: the G7 summit ridiculed in caricature

«Русская восьмерка»: саммит G7 высмеяли в карикатуре

Trump wants to return Russia to the summit.

In the network appeared a caricature of US President Donald trump at the G7 summit, which was held in Quebec city, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to obozrevatel.com

The drawing was made by a creative project Petrenko, published their work in Twitter.

The picture was signed simply: “Russian eight”.

The caricature is made on motives of a popular photo of the summit, where the tramp is sitting at the table, and bent over him, world leaders and something told him.

Also see the statement by U.S. President on the need to bring Russia back into the “Big eight”.

«Русская восьмерка»: саммит G7 высмеяли в карикатуре

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