Russian family haunted by the poltergeist-the arsonist

Российскую семью преследует полтергейст-поджигатель

The couple constantly faced with the fires.

Il’fat and Alsina Musin are newlyweds living in Nizhnekamsk with a baby. The family appealed to local journalists after the tired to endure harassment by aggressive supernatural forces, reports the with reference to Esoreiter.

The young couple claim that wherever they live (and they have to constantly change residence, renting flats), there is a fire. Nizhnekamsk citizens diligently adhere to all fire safety regulations, however, the fire appears as if from nowhere.

It looks the most ordinary Russian family, but the couple are convinced that they are pursued by ill fate. Il’fat and Alsina rented accommodation, and for the last time they had to move three times. All because of spontaneous combustion in their rented apartments. Once erupted so strong a fire that the persons have burnt down almost all things. After that Musin did the repair room, but the calm was short-lived, and turns the fire forced them to seek a new home. Our compatriots moved from the hostel in a rented apartment, but there their life was in danger. Of course, most of all the husband and wife fear for her little son.

“Eternal victims”, as they called the neighbors, lost in the same way and the machine. Have not started the car, quietly standing in the yard, and then just broke out and burned in a matter of minutes. Musin is removed for the fourth apartment, but their troubles have not receded here. In the new apartment the newlyweds that sparkled socket, but suddenly began to smoke the switch. You have to constantly be on the alert – they live on a powder keg.

Every two to four days, there’s something strange going on, at risk of turn into a new fire. The wiring in the apartment was checked electrical, however, not found any faults. The couple are forced to sleep in shifts to keep the eyes from dwelling because it can flare up a fire for no apparent reason.

Why this sinister poltergeist-pyromaniac plagues Musin, they understand not. Nizhnekamsk citizens are believers, attend mosque, pray. Il’fat and Alsina assume that they could curse, but where they got their detractors, they also do not have the slightest idea. However, the way of the Lord, as it is known, are inscrutable, and sometimes to understand causal relationships between some events is simply impossible.

For example, in Buddhism, which preaches the reincarnation and karmic retribution for the sins of past lives, such inexplicable first sight of retribution very clear. In any case, the preaching of any religion, and the logic of the heart, in this life nothing is accidental, especially the accidental not be called the ongoing persecution of the family Musin from the mysterious fiery poltergeist.

But how to deal with it? Apparently, only even more blatant prayers and unconditional repentance. However, maybe now, after this outcry on the Internet, someone from among the spiritual persons will come to their aid…

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