Russian fanaticism: Sentsov in the cold deprived of warm clothes

Российское изуверство: Сенцова в мороз лишили теплых вещей

The political prisoner Oleg Sentsov, who was sentenced in Russia to 20 years in prison, the prison administration in Labytnangi was deprived of a parcel with warm clothes. In the Arctic circle, where the colony is now established temperatures down to 10 degrees. Despite this, the administration of the colony on trumped-up reasons decided not to transfer the prisoner warm clothes collected by the citizens.

As explained by Russian human rights activist Tatyana Shchur, a package for Sentsov was sent on November 12. On 17 November she was taken to the post office in Labytnangi. Then the parcel was redirected to Salekhard, where on 20 November, returned to Labytnangi. The administration of the colony for three weeks gives the transfer of the prisoner, citing the fact that the parcel weighs 23 kg and was allegedly exceeded the weight limit.

Schur recalled that the position of the limit of 20 kg was reversed in 2017.

Everyday fanaticism, — commented on the incident, a human rights activist. — To explain why the prisoner beyond the Arctic circle need warm clothes, food and movies, chosen friends, normal people don’t need. But the prison administration apparently does not understand. Or, on the contrary, understands all too well… Maybe the colony is waiting for December 12 is the date of delivery of Oleg Sakharov prize in the European Parliament to this day to make him a gift? Or, on the contrary, again some of this European shame?“.

Recall that on 25 October He was awarded the European Parliament “For freedom of thought” Sakharov. To receive the award will come sister and Sentsov lawyer Dmitry Dinze.

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