Russian-language schools freely currently working in Lviv

Русскоязычные школы свободно себе работают во Львове

Lviv has 4 Russian-language schools. Are not fully loaded. Social activists offer them to Ukrainize.

“In 2017, at school number 6, there were only 339 pupils, and school No. 17 – 369 pupils, although these schools are designed for a much larger number of students. In addition, next to the empty Russian-language schools are overflowing with Ukrainian-language schools. Of training one student in these schools is spent from the budget 9 times more than on student learning in fully – equipped, ” – said the activist in Facebook.

The woman is sure that such schools should become Ukrainian. So you can solve the problem with overcrowded schools in Lviv.

“Now in Lviv, there are four Russian-language schools. And last year there were n’yat, – says head of Department of education of LMR Zoryana Dovganuk. – 40 percent of the subjects in these schools, particularly the history of Ukraine, protection Otchizni, geography and Ukrainian literature is taught in Ukrainian. Subject “Ukrainian language” is obligatory. With regard to the fullness of Russian schools – it depends on their location”.

According to the official, secondary school I-III stages №6 street Green, located almost in the center of the city. It is not a densely populated area, and therefore the number of students there is very little..

“For example, in the Russian language specialized school № 45 on street Scientific studies more than a thousand students. This is a typical residential district of Lviv”, – said Dovganuk.

Financing of Russian schools is not a priority. The funds are distributed among all schools equally.

“First and foremost, we are funding schools that need major repairs premises. Additionally spend funds for the renovation of sports fields and modern technology. And then, satisfied other needs.

Russian language schools are not planning to close.

“In particular, because they are children of displaced persons from the occupied territories and ATO participants. From next year to increase the number of students, and given the “regional” anchor to schools, we will open them in classes with instruction exclusively in the Ukrainian language.” summed up Zoryana Dovganuk.