Salaries in the “Dynamo” is 35 times lower than at Shakhtar

Зарплаты в «Динамо» в 35 раз ниже, чем в «Шахтере»

The giants of Ukrainian football, Shakhtar and Dynamo are remitted to the state Treasury are not comparable different amounts of tax on personal income.

Portal “” compared the tax records of “Dynamo” and “Shakhtar” for 2017 and came to the conclusion that the salary Fund at Shakhtar is almost 36 times greater than expenditure in the “Dynamo”.

Shakhtar in 2017 for income tax (tax on income of individuals, 18 percent from the total salary Fund of the club) was transferred to the state 358 million. In Dynamo, the same figure amounted to UAH 10 million.

Single social contribution (ERU, 22% of the gross salary) from Shakhtar for the year amounted to 437,5 million. Dynamo 12 million in Ukrainian currency.

Military tax (1.5% of gross wage) at Shakhtar is of 29.83 million, Dynamo – 830 thousand.

Thus, the “miner” in 2017 transferred to the Treasury of Ukraine, more than 504 million. “Dynamo” – 85 million.

Salary Fund at Shakhtar before the calculation of taxes is about 2 billion hryvnia. “Dynamo” for the year has paid players more than 55 million of official salaries.

Monthly Shakhtar players earning $ 6.1 million. In Dynamo, this figure is slightly more than 170 thousand in U.S. currency.

Earlier in the press repeatedly appeared contradictory information regarding the income of the Dynamo and compliance of these figures, taxation. The current head coach of the national team of Ukraine Andriy Shevchenko in 2012 officially earned Dynamo 2 thousand hryvnia, Paraguayan footballer of Kiev derlis Gonzalez before switching to Santos wanted to keep his salary of Kiev (110 thousand dollars per month), which does not correspond to the figures in the tax return of the capital club.

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