“Santa Barbara”, “house of cards”, Sean Penn and oil rigs: the main facts about Robin Wright

Robin Wright

April 8 marks the birthday of Robin Wright and it’s not the only reason for us to talk about it: according to rumors, about a month ago, 52-year-old star married his boyfriend Clement Giraud, although the couple has not yet confirmed this information. We have studied in detail the biography of Robin and I want to share with you the most interesting facts.


Parents Robin had no relationship to show business: mom sold Mary Kay cosmetics, and the father worked for a pharmaceutical company. They separated, when the future star was two years old.

Modeling career

Robin Wright at the age of 14 began a modeling career and managed in his youth to work in Japan and Paris. The actress recalls that the model attracted her the opportunity to travel:

I think the idea of standards of beauty prevents to not only find myself, but just to have a healthy attitude. But then I went to Europe and didn’t want to come out, I loved Europe.

More than to pose for the photographers, the girl liked to dance, that she planned to do until he became a movie.

The Role Of Kelly Capwell

To try yourself in the role of actress Robin advised her modeling agent. The attempt was so successful that she received a starring role in the cult TV series “Santa Barbara”. Playing the role of Kelly Capwell, she sometimes acted without rehearsals, after reading the script earlier in the day. Although no actor’s education and experience at Wright was not, she stayed in the series for four years and received three nominations for “Emmy”.

Robin Wright. Footage from the TV series “Santa Barbara”

First marriage

Many people know about the relationship Robin with Sean Penn, but this was not the first marriage of the actress. She was previously married to actor Dane Witherspoon, who met at auditions before filming “Santa Barbara”. At the time of the meeting Robin was only 18, they got married two years after Dating. Dane played in the series the role of Joe Perkins, but left the project after three months (as you know, the producers of the soap Opera loved “unnoticed” change actors in the middle of the series). The marriage lasted only two years.

Dane Witherspoon and Robin Wright

Dane Witherspoon and Robin Wright. Frame from the TV series “Santa Barbara”

In March 2014 it became known that Dane Witherspoon has died at the age of 56, cause of death not disclosed.

Relationship with Sean Penn

Romance with Sean Penn, Wright began to turn shortly after the actor divorced Madonna. In 1996, he and Robin got married, since he had some time to diverge and converge, and finally only broke up in 2010.

In our relationship with Sean has always been drama, always,

says Robyn of the former husband.

They have two children — daughter Dylan Frances and son Hopper Jack, named after close friends of the couple, Dennis hopper and Jack Nicholson. According to the actress, their foam with constant attempts to establish relations were related to the fact that both did not want to destroy the family:

Divorce is always destructive, particularly when there are children. One of the reasons we so often broken up and reconciled, was that we tried to keep the family together. If you have children, if you are a family you’ll try and try to save it. We tried for a very long time.

By the way, the son of Robin and Sean were in trouble: the young man and his girlfriend were arrested for possession of drugs.

A lull in his career

Featured in “Santa Barbara”, Robin has played several notable roles in cinema, the most famous in the movie “the Princess bride” and “Forrest Gump.” But after her marriage to Sean Penn the actress for the time left in the shade.

At this time her main role was the role of the wife of Sean Penn and mother of their children,

— the press writes about that period.

Robin Wright. A scene from the movie “the Princess bride”

Robin Wright and Tom Hanks. A scene from the movie “Forrest Gump”

Robin says that was very closed at that time:

I even refused the cover of Vanity Fair, so I didn’t want to share. At that time I was married to Sean, and he knew that everything they want to know — what color underwear he wears.

“House of cards”

Robin admits he did not expect such success of the series and thought that “house of cards” won’t be on the screens more than a year. In the end, Netflix is ready to show for a sixth season, which will be the last.

Robin Wright and Kevin spacey. Still from the TV series “house of cards”

And most importantly: after the dismissal of Kevin spacey in a sex scandal, the main character of the series will be character Robin Claire underwood.

The struggle for equality

In 2016, after the end of the fourth season of “house of cards”, Robin Wright demanded a fee equal to one that gets Kevin spacey. According to the actress, her character Claire underwood is no less important in the film than the spacey character Frank underwood. She even gave the producers the survey data showed that Clare was at one time more popular than Frank.

Wright in General has always advocated that the male characters were not overshadowed by heroines on screen: they say she has refused roles in the films “Batman forever” and “Jurassic Park” just because of wishy-washy female characters.

Director’s chair

The lack of special education in film does not interfere with Robin not only act, but also to remove itself. She has directed nine episodes of “house of cards” and is not going to stop:

I just want to take off! I do not want to be in front of the camera, in the past, it bothered me,

Wright said in an interview last year.


But only one movie Robin not limited: it owns two oil derricks at home in Texas.


Robin has a tattoo on the middle finger of the left hand is a small letter “B” — in honor of actor Ben foster, with whom she twice broke off the engagement. The last time was in the summer of 2015. Foster, on the same spot there’s a small letter “R”.

My whole life I have been against tattoos, but I wanted to do

— explained the star during the relationship with Ben. It is unknown whether the former lovers to get rid of the pictures or leave them on the memory.


The audience, who knew Robin to “house of cards” fell in love with her pretty blonde with long hair. Now she has short hair, and she says she absolutely doesn’t miss his curls, but admits:

Sometimes I took the role only because of my hair.


Robin says that of all the types of workouts her closest Zumba, other classes bring to the actress boredom:

Oh my God, Zumba is the greatest invention for women! I love to train, but I get bored quickly with exercise, it becomes boring. And in Zumba you dance, move your hips, it’s fun.

Beauty injections

As for the Facials, Wright argues that “just slept,” like many of her colleagues. The actress honestly admits: Botox injections twice a year and the skin is smooth. However, she emphasizes that it is not abusing the beauty shots to the face is not turned into a fixed mask.

Maybe not wise to admit it in the interview, but I have nothing to hide

— says the actress.

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