Satellite map of the hurricane in the United States saw the skull

На спутниковой карте урагана в США разглядели череп

Unusual and surprised the conspiracy theorists.

Incredibly destructive hurricane “Michael” that struck the Southeast coast of the United States, has reached Florida. Near the ocean recorded wind speed, amounting to more than a hundred meters per second, reports the with reference to Esoreiter.

375 thousand local residents were urgently evacuated after the President state of emergency. Despite the fact that the number of casualties is measured in units, “Michael” called the most powerful hurricane faced by modern Florida.

The tragedy acquired an unusual and somewhat mystical revolution, when the Americans, watching the news about the disaster suddenly noticed a strange “sign” live. On the satellite image of the tropical cyclone has formed an ominous silhouette looked suspiciously like a gray skull with bleeding eye sockets. Of course, many devout viewers felt that it is a bad omen, and indomitable “Michael” certainly destined to carry away many human lives.

The news about the mysterious “skull” has become so popular in the world wide web that she was forced to react to even the American climatologists. According to them, it is a normal parabolicheskoi illusion, which appeared in the image of a hurricane for a second or two. Interestingly, in 2016 like the silhouette of a human skull was discovered in satellite images of tropical cyclone “Matthew” over the Caribbean sea.

Do you think it’s a coincidence or not? And is it possible in our life like accidents?..

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