SBU blocked the activity of underground spetskompleks for processing amber

Сотрудники СБУ блокировали деятельность подпольного спецкомплекса по обработке янтаря

Employees of the security Service of Ukraine blocked the activity of an underground industrial complex on processing of amber is illegally mined in the Zhytomyr and Rivne regions, reports “Bagnet” with reference to press center of the security services.

“Field investigators of management of SBU in Zhytomyr region found that illegal trade was organized in one of settlements of Odessa region native to East Asia, now a citizen of Ukraine. In a special complex businessman staged a warehouse, a shop with special equipment for cutting of raw amber and built a mini-dormitory for workers,” – said in a statement on the Ministry website on Wednesday.

According to the SBU, the organizer of the illegal business used the work of immigrants from Central Asia, living on the territory of Ukraine. Noted that illegal production at the same time could work more than fifty workers.

The finished product with the “sun stone” businessman smuggled through their connection in one of the countries of Asia.

“In the framework of the initiated criminal proceedings in authorized searches in the industrial complex of the staff offices of the security service of Ukraine in Zhytomyr and Odessa regions found the equipment to cut stone, cut stones and almost 15 kg ready jewelry amber “black accounts”, and a large amount of cash” – said in the SBU.

From the warehouse, the police seized nearly 6 tons of raw amber, packaged into fractions and selected for cut, and more than half a ton of processed stone.

The value of the seized “sun stone” and its products will be determined after a proper Gemological expertise.

Ongoing investigations in criminal proceedings under part 3 of article 28 and part 4 of article 240 (Commission of crime by group of persons by prior conspiracy and violation of rules of protection or use of bowels dangerous way) of the criminal code of Ukraine.