Scary stuff: there was a video with a live alien from “Area 51”

Жуткие кадры: появилось видео с живым инопланетянином из "Зоны 51"

According to ufologists, this video is genuine.

In the Internet appeared a very interesting material regarding the rumors about the research on the aliens in Area 51, reports the with reference to the news of the world.

Thus, the media circulated a video of a live alien, who supposedly is in the medical laboratories of the secret base.

Posted a video a man named Victor on his YouTube channel. As noted by the insider, the alien hiding in the walls of the base S-4, which is in Nevada near Area-51.

Alien creation for a long time studied. The images show as it is on a special stretcher. The appearance of the alien resembles a human: it has the same white teeth, nose, ears, but the eyes are too large and completely black.

The experts said that the video is genuine, so no reason to doubt his credibility there. On a military base, there are other beings, ufologists believe. The aliens were in the lab definitely after the collapse of flying saucers.

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