School in new York closed after evacuation due to black mold

Школа в Нью-Йорке закрылась после эвакуации из-за черной плесени

School in new York closed after evacuation due to black mold

Author: Katerina Moskalets

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Yesterday, 24 September, all 600 students and teachers, Paideia School 15 in Yonkers was evacuated in a special place for emergencies. In the school building found toxic black mold.

The head of the school district of Edwin Quezada said that the evacuation was successful.

“I was very scared, said student Bridget Burke. — Over the loudspeaker we were told to drop everything, to leave class and gather in the hallway.”

On the same day were analyzed stains on the ceiling tiles, which showed that there had indeed formed a threat to health black mold — Aspergillus niger.

“In the past year and the year before it was covered with a rash, — said Kerry Burke, a mother of Bridget. — Me every week I had to take her to the emergency room. And this happens only during the school year.”

During a meeting of parents with the school administration revealed that the problem with fungus is not the first year.

“Someone left it by the wayside, — said Frank Krimpelbein, the father of one of pupils. — Mold there are weeks, months, years. It is not formed in the first two weeks of study”.

The school administration said that the fight against mold began yesterday evening and by the next Monday Paideia School 15 should open in normal mode.

According to Quesada until the school closed, Wednesday, September 26 classes from kindergarten through 4th will go to the Dodson School, and the students 5-7-graders will go to Roosevelt High School. Although his parents opposed to their children went to the same school with high school students.

“Today urgently closed Paideia School 15, after checking the ceiling tiles in some schools showed a positive result. The fight [with the fungus] is expected to begin in the evening. Tomorrow, Tuesday, September 25 the school will be closed”.

According to Healthline, when mycotoxicosis, or “mold poisoning” affects the upper respiratory tract — there are symptoms similar to a cold or flu: cough, runny nose, skin irritation etc.

Long-term exposure to mold leads, in particular, to baldness, anxiety, memory loss, numbness of extremities, stomach pain, increased light sensitivity, and muscle spasms.

For people with allergies or asthma headaches and fever, also caused by mycotoxins is especially dangerous, and sometimes deadly.

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