School principals are increasingly recommended for children with a disability to be homeschooled. Doug Ford is ignoring problem (PHOTO)

Директора школ все чаще рекомендуют детям с ограниченными возможностями обучаться на дому. Даг Форд игнорирует проблему (ФОТО)

Organization dedicated to support, education, reported that, according to collected data, increasingly, Directors of schools recommend that children with disabilities learn at home.

After the organization People for Education has heard the stories of parents of such recommendations, in 2014, it was decided to collect as much data as possible and analyze the situation.

Over a four-year period, the activists noticed a huge increase in the number of Directors of schools, which recommend children with special needs to study at home instead of doing it together with their peers.

The study included recommendations 1,200 of Directors, of which 58% of Directors of primary schools and 48% high schools made the following recommendations (in 2014, it was 48% and 40%, respectively).

The majority of the Directors referred to the fact that this is for the safety of these children, and only some have reported that they have insufficient resources to provide full training for children with special needs.

The researchers said that this trend is not confined to Ontario.

The representatives of the People for Education we hope that the study will prompt an action plan, Progressive conservative party, which heads the government of Ontario.

Executive Director of People for Education Annie Kidder said the results are particularly striking considering that the amount of provincial funding aimed at specific initiatives in the field of education increased by $ 1 billion over the past 10 years.

The organization urged the new progressive conservative government to increase the resources for educators in kindergartens and teachers in the elementary grades and ensure that students needing support received it as soon as possible.

Representatives of the Prime Minister of Doug Ford did not respond to a request for comment about this issue.

Other issues highlighted in the report include the workload for school principals, the disparity of resources between urban and rural schools and concerns of staff regarding the mental health of students.

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