Scientist predicted a large-scale invasion of a tornado in Russia

Ученый предсказал масштабное нашествие торнадо на Россию

Global climate change continues.

Vladimir Semenov, head of laboratory at the Institute of geography of RAS, said in an interview that this year, presumably summer, Muscovites should wait for a tornado, according to the with reference to the news of the world.

The cause of possible disaster — a sharp increase in temperature and humidity in the atmosphere. However, a tornado will occur if, after heating dramatically occur a drop in the temperature.

The required conditions for the occurrence of a tornado will develop, presumably in July-August. Vladimir Semenov also noted that almost half a century the average spring temperatures in the Russian capital increased by 3°. While ice sheets at higher elevations do not have time to melt and therefore there is a temperature contrast.

However, the climatologist did not say that a tornado definitely will occur, it only does not exclude such effects of global warming.

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