Scientists advise everyone to become narcissistic

Ученые советуют всем становиться самовлюбленными

Narcissism is useful for us because it gives psychological strength, new study.

Narcissism can have its advantages as it adds to mental resistance and “thick skin”, say the authors from the University of Belfast. Their analysis proves that the personal qualities of the narcissist lead to the fact that people feel less stress and are less vulnerable to depression.

Narcissistic personality disorder is characterized by the fact that the person believes that there are special reasons which make it different, better or more worthy than others. This becomes a problem if people do not recognize the obvious achievements, envious of the success other people get upset if other people don’t put their needs above your own.

Dr. Costas Papageorgiou (Kostas Papageorgiou) noted that narcissism is a strong part of illnesses of the person and include Machiavellianism, psychopathy and sadism. However, it was found that a certain degree of narcissism increases mental vitality that can offset the symptoms of depression.

“Although, of course, not all aspects of narcissism are good, some aspects can lead to positive results”, – says the author.