Scientists are alarmed by the rapid decline in the number of turtles

Ученые встревожены стремительным сокращением численности черепах

More than 61% of the species of turtles may disappear foreverOne of the most ancient species of reptiles, remaining to exist on Earth, came under a real threat. Having existed on the planet 200 million years, they can become extinct, writes the with reference to Aspects

More than 61% of the species of turtles may disappear forever. Maybe for some of them it has already happened.

Experts, place of work which is the USGS, said the tortoise, despite its “antiquity” are very vulnerable creatures. The disappearance of more than half of the species of turtles can contribute to not only the emergence of climate swings. Now there is their active fishing and habitat destruction. Also, there are many diseases which they previously did not face.

A reduction in the numbers of turtles may lead to disaster in different ecosystems. These reptiles exist in the deserts and in the seas, and in the swamps, and freshwater reservoirs.

It is reported that from the previously known species 356 suffered at least 217. The highest is the most rare.

In particular, in the world there are only four species of giant turtle considered sacred in Vietnam. They are all in zoos. Of these, only one female. However, she has for eight years failed to delay viable eggs.

Turtles are components of many food chains. In addition, they migrate, spread the seed, and dug their burrows are actively used not only reptiles, but warm-blooded animals.

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