Scientists concluded that the hereditary nature of obesity

Ученые сделали вывод о наследственной природе ожирения

An unusual discovery was made in Switzerland.

Foods high in fat can have a negative impact on the health of three generations, according to the with reference to Znaiu.

To such a disappointing conclusion reached by researchers from the University of Zurich after the first time studied the effect of maternal diet on children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Physicians warn that the risk of obesity, diabetes, alcohol and drug abuse increase subsequent generations even if they adhere to a healthy diet.

Experiments on mice showed that females who ate greasy food before, during and after pregnancy, transferred metabolic problems and addictive tendencies through their ancestry. According to experts, this phenomenon applies not only to mothers but also to fathers.

Of male mice fed low-fat or standard laboratory diet for nine weeks before mating and then during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

The researchers measured body weight, insulin sensitivity, metabolic rate and plasma levels of the blood, such as insulin and cholesterol in the second and third generations.

In behavioral experiments, they investigated whether mice a diet high in fat on a standard laboratory diet and assessed their level of activity after exposure to amphetamines.

Children and grandchildren of mice fed foods high in fat were more prone to addictive, although the third generation has apparently normalized the predisposition of females towards obesity.

“Obesity can be programmed in the fetus, in the womb,” said Dr. Daria Peleg-Raibstein (Daria Peleg-Raibstein).

Although the study has close correlation with humans, it is too early to say that exactly the same phenomena occur in women and their pedigrees. Physicians intend to continue the experiments.

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