Scientists declassified history of piracy

Учёные рассекретят историю пиратства

The discovery will play an important role in history.

A unique discovery was made during the expedition in Bermuda, which is initiated by the employees of East Carolina University in the United States. The ancient ship will help researchers to lift the veil of secrecy over one of the most mysterious pages of the history of piracy.

The wreckage of the ancient ship found in the Bermuda Islands, which accompany stories about the wrecks date back to approximately the year 1619. In accordance with the calculations, the ship was about 400 years, and its collapse supposedly caused by the collision with the reef.

According to researchers, locals noticed the ship without a command, towed it to the shore, where he carried with him weapons, cargo and any valuables that were in possession of the lost team.

This finding will play an important role in history, as the ship is a model of Dutch ships, the remains of which rarely reach the present day. Scientists were able to document a unique discovery, so that other specialists could study it in more detail.

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