Scientists figured out how to green the Sahara

Ученые придумали, как озеленить Сахару

The desert has offered to build solar and wind farms

American scientists stated that green plants can not only reduce the human impact on the planet, but also to radically change the local climate. According to their calculations, if you build up the entire Sahara desert with solar and wind installations, it is two times will increase the amount of precipitation in the region. This writes the with reference on Focus

The authors write that wind farms mix warmer air from above with cold flows below, and the solar panels prevent reflection of sunlight back into the atmosphere. Thus, large arrays of wind turbines and solar panels can change the reflectivity of the earth and the movement of air currents.

“We found that large-scale installation of solar and wind farms could bring more rain to promote growth of vegetation in these regions,” the study says.

It is worth noting that comes to really large scale green power plants that would occupy more than 9 million square kilometers and had an average ranging from 3 to 79 terawatts. For comparison, the area of the Sahara itself is only 9, 2 million square kilometres – this means that to achieve the effect it would have had to build up almost completely. In addition, despite the growing needs of the mankind, the global demand for electricity is still only 18 terawatt per year.

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